Belly Bind Services

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The Bengkung style of binding has shown to help in the healing process of diastasis recti by offering constant pressure and support on the abdomen.

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icon-centre-sacredseed  What is Binding?

Binding is an essential part of the POSTPARTUM healing process. It offers assistance for the body while recovering (normally four to six weeks) postpartum. A belly bind provides a woman’s postpartum body with integrated support by encouraging retraction of the abdominal wall, stabilizing loosened ligaments and providing torso support while vital organs re-adjust to their pre pregnancy size.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Why Bind?

The purpose of postpartum binding is to support the process with constant pressure on the abdomen and torso area. A longer design of a postpartum wrap provides integrated support to all of the abdominal and pelvic organs. Pelvic support is essential during the first few weeks postpartum. Pressure of a longer wrap on the hip area assists by allowing the pelvic muscles to heal without being further stretched, thus allowing the body to close effortlessly.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Abdominal Wall Expansion

The strength of the muscles is greatly reduced when they are separated often leading to back discomfort. When supported by a bind while returning to pre-pregnancy size this can be greatly reduced.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Spine & Posture Realignment

The support of binding assists in bringing the organs back into their proper place, thus removing stress from the nervous system as a woman’s structural alignment begins to naturally re-adjust.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Back Support

Binding helps in reducing excess strain involved by lifting and carrying your baby while providing additional back support for breastfeeding women.


icon-centre-sacredseed  When to Start

Ideally around Day 3 begin binding and continue daily for at least 40 days and even longer if you are not satisfied with your healing. In the very beginning, the wrap should be on for 10-12 hours a day; you can sleep in it as well.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Cesarean Section

C-section mamas should wait 6 weeks or until their incision is mostly healed before being wrapped.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Pricing + Add Ons

Individual Bind $100

Binding Only $25

Warming Abdominal Massage $40

Warming Oil (individual bottle) $18

Additional fee applies for all outcall offerings

Re-binding in office + outcall available upon request for a separate fee

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