Conscious Life Guide + Mentor

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A journey back to you… into the ESSENCE of self!

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This is a journey of self-exploration, HEALING, DISCOVERY + re-discovery.

An opportunity to dive in and explore where you are (physically, emotionally + spiritually) where you have been + where you are called.


icon-centre-sacredseed Why would I want a Guide or Mentor?

The journey of life + especially motherhood can open parts of self that have been buried or suppressed. As we cross that threshold from maiden to mother many these emotions begin to rise.

This can be a deep, unfamiliar and often emotional experience for new mamas. We can feel lost + alone on this unknown journey as we are not who we once WERE, but… not yet familiar with who we have become.

I want to be the LIGHT that GUIDES you down the path into the uncharted waters, reminding you of your POWER as you step into the INNATE truth of all that you are.


icon-centre-sacredseed What to expect?

Together we will create a path filled with goals, support and guidance that will assist in guiding you back to your essence, allowing you to live a life full of PASSION + PURPOSE.

We will be meeting weekly for goals, guidance + progress, as well as a monthly session with Theta Healing or BARS to clear beliefs and habits that have kept you from connecting to your truth.

Welcome Back to you!

Contact our tribe to begin the journey into SELF!