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If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go TOGETHER.

african proverb~


MiMi Lopez-Steele


After the birth of her second child, a deep passion for pregnancy and her soul calling was awakened.

It was there, her journey began…

MiMi has been supporting women during pregnancy, birth and well into their postpartum journey for over 20 years. Her intrinsic passion is leading women to their truth: their bodies are designed + capable to bare children. The process of birth is natural and when HONORED it can be beautiful + empowering.

She believes that the most powerful gift that a woman carries is her INTUITION. When a woman is able to intuitively tune in, the mind, body + baby connection is deeply enhanced.

The journey of birth for each woman is different physically, emotionally + spiritually. MiMi brings a broad spectrum of services, through her many years of experience, that continue to allow her to connect with women where they are while offering support + guidance during this sacred time.

It is from her experience, wisdom and intuition that she is able to connect on a soul level to her clients. This evolution of trust continues to evolve and deepen raising each woman’s consciousness for the best birth possible!

A woman’s birth memory is forever… MiMi truly understands the importance of preserving this sacred consciousness.

Her desire to support, guide + assist women who have experienced a less than desirable birth, has led her to energy medicine.  This has given her the opportunity to work with many diverse modalities of medicinal energy offering guidance and healing for women who have experienced infertility, womb + birth trauma.

MiMi has over 1345 hours of specialty training and certifications encompassing pregnancy, birth + postpartum.

 Serving: women, men and children with an emphasis and specialty in pregnancy, birth + postpartum

CMT (certified massage therapist)

CPMT (certified pregnancy massage therapist)

CIMI (certified infant massage instructor)

CYI  (certified yoga instructor)

CPYI (certified pregnancy yoga instructor) Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga

CD(DONA)- (certified birth doula)

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula

ICEA CBE / Trained  (international childbirth education association, educator)

REIKI Master- Usui/Holy Fire II

Singing Crystal Bowls- (Trained)

Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor 

Sacred Doula- (Trained)

Certified  Sacred Postpartum –Mother Roaster

Certified  Sacred Scent “Aromatherapy for Birthworkers”

Certified  Mongan Method- HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Loving the Mother- Postpartum Doula Trained

Certified Theta Healer (Advanced DNA, Deep Digger, Manifesting & Abundance)

Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator  (The BARS)

Certified Body Process Facilitator 

Certified Emotional Release Practitioner