Theta Healing

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Using the THETA brain wave also known as the gateway to memory, intuition + learning, our senses are withdrawn from the external and guided inward for our deepest HEALING to take place.

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icon-centre-sacredseed What is THETA HEALING

THETA HEALING is an energetic modality in which you are an active participant. It is experienced by using the THETA brain wave and digging deep into the subconscious mind. It has been created to HEAL one from the subconscious level, where all of the feelings and beliefs are stored. It is a powerful, fast and effective technique that was developed by Vianna Stibal


icon-centre-sacredseed Beliefs + Feelings

As a child we are “TAUGHT” based upon what our parent or caretakers experience was. Often we do not have the opportunity to experience certain feelings or create our own THOUGHTS or BELIEFS. We receive a projection of another’s experience.

Through these experiences we may consciously or unconsciously take on or even create different BELIEFS or negative EMOTIONS.  These can be our own or even from family, friends, society or a trauma. Once they becomes embedded subconsciously, we will carry it with us. Unaware of the depths of these we can unconsciously be holding ourselves back from living our BEST life.


icon-centre-sacredseed Why THETA Healing?

When trauma is witnessed or experienced, the emotional impact will settle deep into the subconscious mind. The memory of the experience may fade, but the feelings associated remain strong. Thus leaving one afraid of or impacted by certain things or having fear of specific situations not even knowing why they are triggered by them.

It is through THETA HEALING that we are able to get to the root of where this BELIEF began and clear the unconscious mind allowing for acceptance of the truth of our INNATE self.


icon-centre-sacredseed Benefits of THETA HEALING

THETA can be used to SHIFT and CREATE change on both the physical + emotional level. It is also a means to change BELIEFS and instill FEELINGS that may have never been experienced. Thus, allowing the mind and body to open and expand, releasing subconscious blocks for the deepest healing to take place.

Thoughts create FEELINGS which create emotions that can keep us paralyzed when compiled with a negative BELIEF. We alone are the creator of our reality. When all of the blockages are removed, we have a clear path to POSITIVITY!


**THETA can be offered in person or remotely**

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