Sacred Medicine

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We are each blessed with a SACRED MEDICINE that is ours alone. This medicine is like a reservoir of SOUL WISDOM that is meant to be shared with all of humanity. The further that we expand our soul, the deeper we are able to tap into this wisdom.

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icon-centre-sacredseed  Reiki

REIKI is used as a holistic healing modality that works to create balance by aligning our energy centers of the subtle body, while strengthening the vital force that flows through us. When our vital force is depleted or out of balance due to stress or illness, REIKI is used to raise our energetic vibration bringing harmony back into our being.

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icon-centre-sacredseed Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

The earth and our entire body are made up of energy, all vibrating at different frequencies. When we are out of rhythm in our natural frequency, disease and dis-harmony are able to manifest. Through vibration, SOUND HEALING addresses our energy channels and releases any blockages.

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icon-centre-sacredseed  Theta Healing

During a session, the THETA brain wave also known as the ‘gateway’ to our memory, intuition + learning is used to withdraw our senses from the external and guide them inward for the deepest HEALING to take place.

This modality has been created to HEAL us from the subconscious level, where all of the feelings and beliefs are stored. It is a powerful, fast and effective technique that was developed by Vianna Stibal.

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icon-centre-sacredseed BARS (Access Consciousness)

BARS are an energetic modality that is focused on CREATING SPACE in your subconscious mind through the connection of 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life.

During an Access Bars session, a practitioner gently touches these points to RELEASE the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have LIMITED you in the concerned life areas.

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Essential Emotional Release

icon-centre-sacredseed Essential Emotional Release

This modality is an olfactory experience that OPENS us deeply through our connection to the senses in preparation the for the RELEASE of blockages, that may be stored in the physical body or subconscious mind. When we are energetically open, we are able to release + create space for HEALING to take place.

Once blockages are removed, the energy field is then filled with divine love + light, offering the feeling of WHOLENESS + FREEDOM physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This experience is received using the placement of SPECIFIC essential oils on PRECISE points along with intuition, mantra + ritual.


icon-centre-sacredseed Energy Massage

The SACRED touch of massage along with powerful ENERGY MEDICINE can bring about POWERFUL results. Our bodies stores trauma on different levels emotional, physical + energetic. As we relax, touch can awaken this stored trauma providing opportunity for release of tension + the BALANCE of energies.

This experience is offers more than just massage. We will dive in before your session as to what is going on with the physical, emotional + spiritual body. With a deeper understanding of where the body is storing, we will proceed with a blend go massage + energy work for the deepest healing and energetic alignment possible.

Remember… YOU are your own greatest HEALER.

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