Sacred Womb Healing

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Chosen by Spirit as a “Sacred Womb Healer”, my soul has been called to work with women to bring back not only a physical but energetic + spiritual healing of the womb.

Specializing in healing womb trauma for woman from many different experiences:

(IVF, Infertility, Miscarriage, Abortion, Birth Trauma etc.)

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icon-centre-sacredseed  Why WOMB HEALING

There is an unspoken pain that lies in the womb of many women. It can be followed by shame, embarrassment, regret and a deep sense of longing. When we are able to open this space, face and release our past trauma, we can let go of old beliefs and pain that no longer serve. A POWERFUL shift of energy awakens and our 2nd chakra is re-alligned allowing for healing to take place within our womb.


icon-centre-sacredseed  What is WOMB HEALING

It is an energetic healing for the release of any current or past womb trauma.  When pain and emotions are stored in the body this creates blockages on many levels (physical, emotional, energetic). During your session traumas are addressed + released allowing love + light to flow through the womb as this POWERFUL energetic shift occurs.


icon-centre-sacredseed  What to Expect

The healing journey begins with a discussion on what brought you in? What do YOU desire to let go of and heal? Together we will set  specific energetic intentions and create space for releasing any + all womb traumas.

You will be on the table fully clothed (shoes removed) relaxed, with the eyes softly closed. We will begin with an AURA clearing, releasing of the womb trauma. Moving into BREATH + REIKI as we remove and re-align all energetic blockages. I may place my hands on your body over your clothes or hold my hands over your body using slow hand movements to channel energy. The universal energy is channeled through my hands to your energy field. We will finish by sealing all of this beautiful healing energy into the body.

We are each our own healer. All that is required of you is your willingness to receive~
This is an (80-90minute) Sacred Womb Healing Session  with BREATH, REIKI, + Aura Clearing (Crystal Bowls + Tuning forks, + essential oils may also be used).
 Investment $122