REIKI Sessions

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Rei: Universal, Divine + Spiritual   KiLife-Force Energy
REIKI: Japanese for universal life force energy
that flows through all living things. 


As a REIKI Master, I have received placements/attunements that assist me to guide and direct the flow of Reiki energy in a powerful healing way.

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icon-centre-sacredseed Understanding REIKI

REIKI is used as a holistic healing modality that works to create balance by aligning our energy centers of the subtle body, while strengthening the vital force that flows through us. When our vital force is depleted or out of balance due to stress or illness, REIKI is used to raise our energetic vibration bringing harmony back into our being. As energy, REIKI works on all levels including physical, mental, emotional + spiritual. It is understood that when balance is restored, harmony and “well being” are experienced.


icon-centre-sacredseed  REIKI for Pregnancy

REIKI is safe for ALL pregnant women, offering benefits through each stage from pre-conception, conception + childbirth. It provides physically and emotionally thus supporting the transition from maiden to mother.

REIKI is a pure path for pregnant women who are looking for a holistic way of treating both mind + body. A REIKI treatment strengthens the body, emotions and spirit of a pregnant woman from within, keeping her deeply aware and in-tune to her baby throughout her pregnancy.

PREGNANCY Specific Benefits:

  • Enhances a loving + harmonious relationship between
    the mother and the child
  • Assists in reducing anxiety and sleep problems
  • Restores balance + health to the mama and the baby
  • It can ease exhaustion
  • Helps with nausea
  • Offers relief as a woman’s body changes to accommodate
    her unborn child
  • Brings a calming effect to both the mama and the unborn child

icon-centre-sacredseed REIKI for Labor/Birth

REIKI can be provided by direct physical contact or distance healing for a client to help support the journey of labor. This will assist in keeping the mama grounded, calm and as well with reducing any discomforts during her labor. The relaxing effects of REIKI assist in the mother’s connection to her baby during the birth process creating a more serene experience.


icon-centre-sacredseed REIKI for Postpartum

During the postpartum period, REIKI can be used to accelerate the natural healing process as well as offer relief of discomfort to a mama’s  physical body. When blockages are removed and energy centers are re-aligned release of stress and tensions occur her body is able to rest and relax with ease.

POSTPARTUM Specific Benefits:

  • Offers peace + calm from birth trauma by aligning the energy centers
  • Assists in relieving the emotional shift after the birth
  • Calms the mother and the baby


One added benefit of REIKI it leaves mama with more energy after her session~ a wonderful bonus!

Your baby can still participate in the session by being held or lying next to you.
  • Eases sleep challenges
  • Calms a baby with colic

icon-centre-sacredseed REIKI for Postpartum Depression

REIKI has also been used to assist with postpartum depression. If you are suffering from PP depression you may consider a natural + holistic therapy such as REIKI as an alternative treatment. It can never cause harm and  always goes where needed most and has NO negative side effects.


icon-centre-sacredseed  What To Expect

We will discuss your desires and intentions for your session. You will lay on the table fully clothed (shoes removed), relaxing with the eyes closed softly. I may place my hands on your body over your clothes or hold my hands over your body using slow hand movements to channel energy. The universal energy is channeled through my hands to your energy field.

We are each our own healer. All that is required of you is your willingness to receive~

Call today to schedule your healing REIKI session.
 $150 session