Yoga Classes

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Connecting our individual consciousness or soul
with the Universal Consciousness of Spirit.

When we remain unbroken in our YOGA practice, a deeper connection evolves between our mind, body + spirit, thus drawing us into ONENESS with our higher consciousness. In our practice of YOGA, our intention should be directed toward awakening to SELF-realization + SOUL development .

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icon-centre-sacredseed  Pregnancy Yoga (Khalsa Way)

Pregnancy is a powerful and cherished time for a woman. It can bring with it many changes both physically and emotionally.

As a woman begins to understand the powerful energetic connection woven between her and her unborn child, a deeper consciousness awakens. It is from this space of consciousness that she will be guided along her journey of pregnancy, birth and well into motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga honors this time by preparing the mother for her birth with breath, movement and conscious awareness. It is from this deeper consciousness that she is able to tap in and release any fear that may keep her from experiencing the best birth experience possible. Prenatal Yoga provides a beautiful opportunity to come together with other expectant mothers and support one another along the journey into motherhood. It is a wonderful time to listen, share and build a circle of women to connect with along the way.

*Women in all trimesters of pregnancy are welcome


icon-centre-sacredseed  Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy & Me Yoga is a wonderful way for a new mother to implement SELF-CARE  while remaining connected to her baby. These classes are designed to center the mother through the rhythm of breath and movement while bonding with her baby.

This class will assist in rebuilding the core, toning the body + bring a sense of inner calm.

They also provide an opportunity for women to share in sisterhood while supporting one another along the journey of mothering.

*Newborns until just before crawling are welcome.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Classes hold space for one to come back to center through breath and body, offering a calming and grounding presence. As you allow for stillness the body begins to surrender and let go of what no longer serves for the higher good. We use gentle movement and postures with props held for extended periods of time for the deepest release.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan consist of using breathwork (pranayam), mantras (chanting), meditation, and a kriya (exercises) to raise AWARENESS.

Classes are designed for all levels with an intention for each individual to explore + awaken the potential of their  body, mind +spirit.


icon-centre-sacredseed  Yoga for Kids

This is an opportunity for children to come together in a heart centered community as they connect with one another through yoga, mindfulness + meditation.

These classes are separated by age to honor the natural stages of growth + development. They have been designed to nurture their natural creativity + movement through awareness.

All class postures + themes vary depending upon age group.

Seedlings (4-5yr old)

Roots (6- 8yrs old)

Sprouts (9-12yrs old)

Blossoms (just for teens)


icon-centre-sacredseed  Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is sometimes referred to as lucid sleeping or a state of conscious deep sleep. It is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. It allows us to reach a profound level of relaxation.

Yoga Nidra can have a powerful effect on the sacred connection between a mother and her unborn child. It offers a deep sense of relaxation that also assists in a calming preparation for labor. Through regular practice of Yoga Nidra one is able to release unconscious fears and influences creating calm and confidence for the birth. Yoga Nidra offers the gift of opening the pathways of communication with the unborn child. Women have experienced ‘guidance’ from their baby in this deeply relaxed state. These powerful images and visualizations were then used at their birth and as mantras.

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